Are you an artist in need of studio space in Santa Fe?


We support underrepresented and non-commercial artists by offering both short-term, rent-free or low-rent spaces, and long-term support through education, community building, and collaborative initiatives and events.

What does the program offer?

Artists are invited to apply for affordable studio space as well as opportunities to display any variety of art including performance, installation, dance and poetry. What we can offer artists depends upon which buildings we are currently occupying. Vital Spaces takes advantage of any vacancy in our city and thus has rotating locations ranging from prominent downtown locations to less trafficked studio spaces in other parts of town. We offer artists the opportunity to present work to their peers, the public and engage with the diverse arts community. This program will provide opportunities for artists by opening up new possibilities, new audiences and directions in the production of their work. Artists will have the opportunity to present their work to their peers, the public and engage with the diverse arts community.

What is the duration of an available studio space and when are applications due?

This program is designed for participation over a minimum of a four-week period to an undetermined maximum depending on the specific building that we are working with. If applying for a studio space, this program requires a commitment of 15 hours per week in the studio. We periodically have call dates for specific buildings, but encourage applications on an ongoing basis.

How to apply:

Please reply to the questions below, and email your responses and associated materials to Basic Contact Info

Name, email, and phone.

Description of Proposed Activity (500 words Maximum)

In 500 words or less, please describe the artistic discipline and medium you plan to work in while at Vital Spaces. Outline your artistic practice and describe why you wish to use a studio space, what you hope to contribute and learn, and what impact it could have on your practice.

Community Engagement

Vital Spaces requires that artists who work with our program engage with our community. This can be as simple as having an open studio, and can be as elaborate as you can envision. In 250 words, describe the community engagement that you are proposing.

Project Summary

Provide a 100-word summary of the proposed project. These summaries will be used as a narrative for administrative and public use.


List materials you plan to use in the Vital Spaces studio and/or installation areas. Please note, VS does not supply any tools, equipment or materials.

Detailed Project Proposal and Timeline

In 500 words, describe the framework of your proposed installation, project, or performance, along with your weekly execution plan.


A one-page resume or CV describing academic, professional, and other relevant experience.

Artist Biography

Maximum 500 words (your biography may be edited and used by Vital Spaces on our website if you are selected).


An essential part of Vital Spaces’ mission is to support underrepresented voices and peoples. Please explain how you identify as underrepresented voice.

Digital Portfolio Images

No more than FIVE images and/ or Link to Artist Website (these submissions may also be used on the Vital Spaces website if you are selected).


Participants are selected by the Curatorial Committee on the basis of submitted materials. In addition to artistic merit, consideration will be given to the resulting impact of time spent with Vital Spaces on an artist's broader practice.

Applicants will be notified of their status as soon as adjudication is complete, which in an ongoing process.